Our menu is the result of long experimentation and family tradition. At the beginning of the 90s we introduced some recipes with wild herbs from the Po Delta due to our innovative spirit and the love and respect we have always had for nature. For certain proposals, the meadow, the forest and the vegetable garden were the only suppliers of our ingredients, so even tradition is dressed in ancient flavors and again creating precious threads that link the past with the present.

In accordance with seasonality and suggested by imagination, appetizers of battered leaves and flowers, thistle timbales and wild chicory flans, fresh salads, soups and risottos embellished with marigold flowers, rosemary, borage, stuffed pastas and herbal teas that bring in the fragrance and virtue of freshly picked herbs. The bread and desserts are rigorously made by us with flours obtained from ancient grains, daily gifts that nature offers us for our health and for the joy of our palate.

Cherries, plums, peaches and figs ripened on the plants that grow at the edge of the pool constitute succulent snacks and snacks for guests

Dining Rooms
  • Ottagono

  • A large room suitable for conferences, events and ceremonies.
  • Melograno

  • A more intimate room for lunches and dinners upon reservation.
  • Verandina

  • Ideal for breakfasts and dinners overlooking the garden.
Ceremonies and events

Villa Belfiore is the ideal location to host ceremonies and events, for information contact us on the number +39 0533 681164


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