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A peaceful oasis in the nature

A hymn to love for nature, a perfect place to relax, to rediscover slowness and happiness of little things. We are going to introduce you Villa Belfiore which was built in 1994, thanks to a good knowledge of the territory and its rewards, as well as to pass on culture and local traditions in a rural and naturalistic context.


Villa Belfiore is located near Ostellato’s valleys, an oasis of peace just a few kilometres far from Ferrara, 20 minutes far from Comacchio, a charming town of Po Delta Park.
Villa Belfiore is in harmony with the environment where fruit trees overlook the pool. You can collect and taste fruits and even appreciate the organic products of our farm.

Your days will start with the right energy, breathing the air of the countryside and the breakfast fragrances. In summer you can relax yourself under the pergola. Depending on the season, you can also taste the most authentic homemade jams, for instance pumpkin jam made with a typical vegetable.
The secret is only sugar and fruit. That’s all. You can eat homemade cakes, cookies and glance at the grandmother’s recipes.

Our rooms

In our private and comfortable rooms, you will find the warm wood colour, rustic furniture where you can relax yourself. Silence dominates the atmosphere and during the night you will hear the raptors’ sounds who live in Farnie, nut, Maple and Cherry trees, where you can walk along the day.



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Continuing your escape from the everyday life, you could decide to relax yourself or to sunbathe in our swimming – pool, where you can have a snack with fruits and smoothies or you will discover the beauty that our area offers.


Birdwatching and more

Villa Belfiore is near Ostellato’s valleys, a wet zone of fresh water, whose origins are anthropic thanks to the reclamation of the brackish valley of Mezzano.
If you decide to walk, to ride a bike, to ride a horse, you will meet 150 species of birds in their own habitat: first of all, herons, the grey heron or the red heron, but also common stilt, some raptors as Poiana or western marsh-harrier.
If you love nature, you will admire some different trees as white willow, water chestnut, elder and the typical flora of freshwater wetlands: flowering rush, reeds, yellow and white water lilies.
“Vallette” are part of Po Delta Park, UNESCO Heritage.


Comacchio, “small Venice” of the Po Delta

By car, Comacchio is 20 minutes far from our Hotel and it is highly recommended a visit: Comacchio is unique. It is the ancient Etruscan Spina town, built in the Middle Ages, it will impress you thanks to its canals that reflect the light, and to “Loggiato Cappuccini” monuments of 1600, the longest in Italy, used as location for films. If in Venice there are “Gondole” on the other hand in Comacchio city there are “batane”. By this traditional way of transport, you could visit the city.


Ferrara, BIKE TOWN with an important past.

Moving only 30 km from Ostellato, you will arrive to the most important city of the Italian Renaissance period, house of Este. Ferrara is a crucial city because it was the capital of culture, art, politics, food and the main meeting point for artists, poets and cantors. For these reasons, it deserves to be visited.

We recommend you a visit to the medieval quarter, the original heart of the city with narrow and characteristic streets, to stroll throught to “addizione arecula” built between the end of 1440 and the beginning of 1500, designed a new urban project by Biagio Rossetti. The Cathedral (currently closed to the public and the fouced is being restored) the wonderful medieval building : Palazzo Diamanti, Palazzo Schifanoia and Plalazzina Marfisa. The symbol for excellence is the 14th century Castle in the city centre. If you want to be a perfect inhabitant of Ferrara… why don’t you rent bike to visit the ancient walls that are long 9 km and they surrounded the city?

Villa Belfiore is near Ostellato’s valleys, a wet zone of fresh water, whose origins are anthropic thanks to the reclamation of the brackish valley of Mezzano.

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