Moving just 30 km from Ostellato you reach Ferrara, an ancient city of the Duchy of Este, a UNESCO heritage site and the first modern European city, thanks to the foresight of dukes such as Ercole d'Este. They elevated it among the European capitals of culture, art, and politics, making it a significant reference point for artists, poets, and troubadours.

From the medieval quarter, the city's original nucleus with its narrow and characteristic streets, you can stroll through the famous "addizione erculea" . This was constructed between the late 15th century and the early 16th century based on an innovative urban design by the great Biagio Rossetti. The Estense Castle, a symbol of the city and the political center of the duchy, faces Corso Ercole d'Este, a charming cobblestone jewel leading to the Casa degli Angeli on the Mura Estensi. The dukes used to pass through here for hunting expeditions in the woods, now located in the Barco quarter.

Returning to the city center, you can't miss a visit to the splendid Cathedral and the marvelous Renaissance palaces, including the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the Palazzo Schifanoia.

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