Located a twenty-minute drive from Villa Belfiore, the city of Comacchio stands out as the most enchanting among the cities in the Po Delta.

A city of water, where water served as a source of sustenance due to its valleys rich in eels, and also as a tool for commercial, social, and political communication. The Po Delta was indeed the gateway that connected the plain to the sea, a crossroads, a maritime hub of strategic importance for the Etruscans initially and later for the Romans.

In Comacchio, you breathe in a magical atmosphere that traces its roots to a mysterious ancient past, perhaps hidden underground, and unfolds in a present where tourism has brought the people and the beauties of forgotten places out of isolation. As the heir to the ancient Etruscan city of Spina, established in the early Middle Ages, this lagoon area will captivate you with the intricate maze of its canals, reflecting a charming diffused light. It boasts the beauty of its monuments, notably the seventeenth-century architectural complex of Trepponti and the Loggiato dei Cappuccini, the longest in Italy, chosen as the setting for various film projects.

If Venice has gondolas, here you can embark on the characteristic "batane," allowing you to explore the city from a different perspective.

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